Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wishing you an amazing 2015

A big thank you to everyone who has read my blog this year and also for the lovely comments on my posts and in emails :)


Created with the beautiful kit Mistletoe and Wine by DigiFiddle Designs.
Take a look at DigiFiddles Website and the Gallery for lovely layouts and inspiration.

My Scrapbook Diary - My 2014 Adventures

Hello :) Here we are at the end of 2014! It's been a year of unexpected things that is thankfully ending better than it started. At the beginning of 2014 I created an Adventure Wish List of all the things that I wanted to do this year. Now it's time to catch up with how it all went! You can read the full post at E-scape and Scrap: My 2014 Adventures - December, but below are my layouts for this months post :)

Highlights of 2014
Highlights of 2014
My 2014 Adventures
My 2014 Adventures
My Scrapbook Diary 2014 Photos
My Scrapbook Diary 2014 Photos
My Scrapbook Diary 2014
My Scrapbook Diary 2014
The layouts were created with the lovely kit My Diary by AneczkaW.

Scrapbook Diary is at an end for 2014 but is returning in 2015 as a weekly post at the E-scape and Scrap Blog.

If you'd like to catch up with my previous posts you can find them all here: Scrapbook Diary and also all my layouts here: MyScrapbookDiary.

I hope you've enjoyed this years Scrapbook Diary posts and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next year! Bye for now, Natasha :)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Paris Carousel

Hi :) I've been playing with a brilliant free kit from Daisytrail. It's their latest and is called Eccentric Carousel. It is only available for Serif Craft Artist, but you can download the compact version of it for free. I started writing this post yesterday after I posted my page to Daisytrail and this morning when I woke up I found that it had been selected as Featured Project :) It is on the front page of Dasiytrail for today (24th December). Such a lovely surprise :)

Paris Carousel
Paris Carousel
The photo is one I took of a carousel in Paris, back in 2007. I love it, I think it's because it reminds me of enjoying a ride on the carousel as a child, and when I saw this kit I knew that I had to make a page with it. The Eiffel Tower is within view of the carousel so I had to add this element to the page too!

I love the alpha that comes with this kit, and I used it big and bold! I then positioned the carousel horse so that it is walking along the top of it. I blended paint splats into the background as well as a sparkly swirl and patterned border to add some extra texture to it and layered up elements on top. The bunting I just couldn't resist using and I think it finishes off the page perfectly.

And now after all the talk of Paris I can nothing else but daydream of Paris in Spring!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The First Frost

Hello :) Today I have another layout created with a kit by Captivated Visions called Captivating 2012 | December; it's beautiful and my first layout with it. (I'm not admitting to how long I've had it stashed away for!)

The First Frost
The First Frost
This layout was inspired by a photo of leaves that I took on the first frosty day this year. The weather where I am in England has been generally warm with a few frosty days but not many. How about where you are? I've seen some amazing layouts in the scrapping galleries with photos of several feet of snow! I love it when it snows as long as I don't have to go out anywhere!

The base of this page is two papers blended together and then some elements blended into it. I added some stamps and sparkles and finally the photo and more embellishments. I kept building up until I had the right mix of "stuff"!.

I love it when a page comes together and I think that this one did rather nicely! I've not yet decided on my next project, so I'm off to take a look through my collection of digikits!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Real Life Scraped RSO December 13th


Today I posted my last post for Real Life Scrapped :(
I've had a great year and a half being part of the team, but this week Meg made the sad announcement that she is closing the site at the end of the year. However, on a more happy note, I think it's amazing what Meg has achieved with Real Life Scrapped and I have no doubt that her future will be full of many more successes :) So here is the link to my last post: Real Standouts December 13th.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Find a reason to smile...

Hi, I hope that everyone is having a crafty week so far. It would be great to see what people have been up to so if you'd like to share add details in the comments :) Here is my latest layout:

Find a reason to smile...
Find a reason to smile...
I am sure that I probably say this a lot, but I've had this gorgeous kit for ages! Anyway I've finally created a scrapbook page with it :) I have printed out papers and elements for some practical projects in the past, which the kit worked brilliantly for, and I have to say that I am also pleased with my latest scrapping creation (I probably say that a lot too!).

I layered up stamps, sparkly bits and elements with three photos taken in my garden, "The Brambles". I processed each of the photos in Snapseed to give them a vintage look so they would fit with the style of the kit. I cut out and then used the roughen tool (pinking style) in Craft Artist on one of the papers, and used the luminosity blend on the doily to make it fade into the page.

My garden is always a reason to smile :)  and if you'd like to catch up with what goes on in it then head on over to my blog: The Brambles, a tale of a garden.

Created with the lovely kit Papillon Place by Captivated Visions.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Real Life Scraped RSO December 6th

Hi, catch up with my yesterday's Real Life Scrapped, Real Standouts post and see some great layouts for December as well as some more autumnal ones.

RSO December 6th

Sunday, 30 November 2014


Hello :) Today's post centres around the beautiful hydrangea. I love hydrangeas and to me they are still beautiful even when they have lost their vibrant colour. Their faded blooms take on the colours of autumn and then winter.

I took the photo with my iPhone camera and then processed with an app called RD Magic. I wanted to contrast the colours in the photo, which are quite vibrant after the processing with a more muted set of colours on a different theme for the rest of the layout. The blues and creams in the kit that I used,I think, are a perfect complement.

I love tags and could't wait to get started on a small bit of journaling on it to finish off the page.

This page was created with the lovely kit, Happy Little Bluebird by Sugarplum Paperie.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO November 29th

Hi, with the end of November I was expecting to be selecting some more autumn layouts for today's RSO. However, it seems that December is here early! From decorating the tree to snow storms, today's selected layouts covers them all. And oh wow, that snow storm in America, Cindy's layouts certainly show us what it was like!

November 29th

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Almost Autumn - K-Joi Studios

Hi :) As I mentioned in my last post I have been busy this week creating layouts using some lovely kits by K-Joi Studios. My layouts use a mix of the following: Almost Autumn, Almost Autumn Clusters, and Almost Autumn Add On.

I continued with my framed edge theme, created by punching the centre out of a paper and adding an inner shadow. In the last layout shown here I blended the leaves into the background, the darker leaf was created by stacking two blended leaves. The bottom border in my Autumn Tree layout is the bottom of one of the frames in the kit upside down; twice. I thought it worked perfectly :)

NF Owl
Autumn Tree
Autumn Tree
Autumn Acer Tree
Autumn Acer Tree
The photo of the tree was taken whilst on walk in North Camp, near where I live. Captured with my phone camera then first processed in Snapseed, with 100% HDR and then an overlay from Mystic app to give a warmer final colour. The acer tree is in the garden and was captured using the Hipstamatic app, Jane lens, Ina's 82 film. The photo was taken a little while ago and it has now lost most of its leaves.

I love the oranges in this kit, perfect for creating brighter autumn layouts. The stitched flowers are beautiful and the owl is just so cute :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Fall Sweet Fall - K-Joi Studios

Hello again :) I had a busy week of digital scrapping with some kits by J-Joi Studios. The layouts in this post use her lovely kit Fall Sweet Fall.

To create the framed edges for both of these layouts I punched a hole in the centre of a paper and applied an inner shadow. To create the backgrounds for both I blended two papers together, which gave a paler effect and also a texture and a good base for the embellishments. In my first layout I also blended a swirly element into the paper to give an extra pattern over the top of the stripes where there are no falling leaves or flowers to add extra interest.

The Beauty of Autumn Trees
The Beauty of Autumn Trees
The photo of the trees was taken at Napier Garden in North Camp, near where I live. Captured with my phone camera then first processed in Snapseed, with 100% HDR added and then an overlay from Mystic app to give a warmer final colour. The Rose was also taken with my phone camera with 30% HDR applied in Snapseed.

I love the leaves in this kit, they have a lovely texture to them and stitching for the detail. The papers are are great for using on their own or blending together and the glittery finish on some give just that bit of added sparkle :)

Real Life Scrapped RSO November 15th

Hello :) It's been another busy week in the Real Life Scrapped Gallery. My Real Standouts post today captures some of the highlights, so why not head on over and take a look :)

RSO November 15th

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Oscraps blog, O My Stars, 12 November 2014

Hello :) I had a lovely surprise today with my first upload to the Oscraps gallery being selected as a layout on today's 'O My Stars' blog post :) With a lovely comment from scribler: Next up is this absolutely beautiful page from Natasha-Ann. The elements she has chosen illustrate the poem so well that I could not pass this one up. I think the page is just gorgeous! Natasha really knows how to make good use of elements for her page. 

Read on for more info about my poem :)

Smile As You Remember

I was asked if I could write a poem on grief to go into a scrapbook kit. So here is my poem as part of Lynne Anzelc Designs kit LifeLine Grief. I hope you like both the poem and Lynne's kit, (which I love) :)

The poem is in the overlay part of the kit and comes with and without the angel and I loved it when I saw it :)

The poem reflects how I feel when someone close passes away, and how, many years later I still often smile with a few tears when I remember them.

In my page layout I wanted to keep the flower of the background paper as a feature of the page and I've layered up around this. Even if I do say so myself I love how it has turned out :)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Real Life Scrapped, Designer Focus with Ninigoesdigi

Hello! Today I am sharing my second Designer Focus post at Real Life Scrapped. Today's designer is Nini of Ninigoesdigi. Check out my post here:

Stylish Scrapping with Ninigoesdigi

Sunday, 9 November 2014

My Scrapbook Diary November 2014

Hello :) How is everyone? I hope that November is bringing lots of great opportunities for being creative. Last month I posted about #scrapwithapps which I have been taking part in over the last month. Well I have to confess that I am somewhat behind, but I am going to catch up over the next few weeks! However, I have taken a "few" snaps with my phone, got creative with some of the photos with apps and I'm quite pleased with the results :)

Catch up with my monthly Scrapbook Diary post over at E-scape and Scrap blog: #scrapwithapps: Capture the Moment - November.

And here is a taster of my latest layouts that I've used in the post :)

Capture the Moment - Beauty
Capture the Moment - Beauty
Capture the Moment - Autumn
Capture the Moment - Autumn
For these two layouts I've mirror imaged the layout of the photos. As the photos are quiet bold in each case, I've embellished lightly and used brushes to add the final touches. The first page has a cold colour finish and the second is warm due to the overlay used on both photos. The overlay is from the Mystic app. Three of the images had HDR applied in Snapseed.

For details of the kits used, click on the image to open in Flickr and the details are in the notes section.

All the layouts can also be seen in the post: #scrapwithapps: Capture the Moment and more layouts for My Scrapbook Diary, at The forget-me-not blog :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO November 1st

Hello, yesterday was my latest Real Standout post at Real Life Scrapped. Hop over there and take a look and the great layouts a real mix including autumn and travel.

Real Standouts

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Autumn Roses - How to...

Hello, I hope that everyone is keeping well and crafting lots :)

Today's post is a How to... I've been playing with kits old and new, all DaisyTrail and all on a chalkboard type theme and I'm going to share how I created the layout. The beautiful roses I snapped a couple of weeks ago with the camera on my phone and used an app to apply the effects.

Autumn Roses
autumn roses
I used the following kits by DaisyTrail: Dreaming in Chalk, Doodled Dreams and Ancestral Tree and Craft Artist Professional 2 for creating the layout.

How to...
  • Create a new project with paper size 12x12 inch.
  • Drag the black panel background from Ancestral Tree onto the page. This is automatically put in the Background layer.
  • From materials drag one of the black chalked materials from Ancestral Tree onto the background layer above the background and make it 12x12 inch
  • Select the material and the apply blend mode Difference.

  • From materials drag one of the lighter papers from Dreaming in Chalk onto Layer 1 and make it 12x12.
  • Drag on a square punch, re-size to 10x10 inch and centre using the align tools. Punch hole. Apply shadow style, Outer Shadow 03, to the paper. The frame remains as the first item on the layer.
  • This creates a frame around the project and will be made more interesting with embellishments later.
  • Add a wide ribbon from Doodled Dreams and position underneath the frame.
  • Add a mix of chalked flowers and leaves, re-colour to suit and make sure they are below the frame and the ribbon so that they poke out of these where they are positioned near the edge.
  • Add your photo of choice and staple to the board with the staple in Doodled Dreams.
  • Add a title for the page using the alpha in Doodle Dreams and re-colour to suit.
  • Add some journaling in order to give some context to your page and this is Layer 1 finished.

  • Add a new layer for adding embellishments on to, this will automatically be labelled Layer 2.
  • Add a selection of flowers, bows and sparkles to give a 3D effect to the page.
  • Apply shadow style, Bottom right shadow 03, to all embellishments. Without the frame any shadows applied would have been lost against the dark background.
  • Sit back and admire your latest scrap page :)

I loved playing with these kits to create this effect and I loved using all the pastel colours. They worked great with the photo and are totally different to the usual autumn palette.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn Scrapping

I have a number of kits by Lynne Anzelc Designs that I bought when Lynne designed under the name Aria Designs, and a few of her recent ones too! I've dusted them off and I'm having a play and I'm loving it :)

I created this layout and the gap left in the middle was just perfect for a poem!!! It didn't take me long to find myself writing the last verse :)

Autum Poem
Autumn Poem by Natasha Forder © 2014
Created with the following beautiful kits by Lynne Anzelc Designs (when designing as Aria Designs): A Walk in the Woods, A Scrap of Art, Earthly Delights, Together, Yellow.

How to...
A layout with a central space is perfect for adding the written word to. This could be some journaling or as in this page a poem.

  • I wanted to create a woodland effect so I started off with a paper that had trees blended into the background. This created the perfect base to begin layering on to.
  • Around this I created a frame using two overlays. From this outer edge I've added the log, birds and leaves which add more depth to this.
  • I positioned a bare branch and a leafy branch to "hold" the Autumn wording in place, which also turned out to be the title of my poem, and finished off by embellishing with the bird and butterfly.
  • Next I wrote the poem, well it had to be a poem, didn't it!
  • Finally I added the falling leaves to give more of that autumn feel, and to fill in any empty spaces.

I love how both the page and poem turned out and I have a couple of other projects with Lynne's kits underway :)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fashion and Flowers Birthday Card

Hi :)

I'm sure that Becki, my sister, won't mind me sharing with you the birthday card that I made for her this week. I created the card digitally 8x8 inch, printed off and mounted on a card base. To finish it off I added lots of gems. As the light was so bad I don't have a photo of the final card, so I am sharing the digital file instead. It actually printed out lovely and I think looked great with the sparkly additions.

Becki's Birthday Card
I created the card with a number of kits by Crafty Button Designs:

  • Fashionistas
  • Retro Momma
  • White Wedding
  • Metamorphosis Butterflies
  • Time Flies
  • Time Flies Confetti
  • Grey Grunge Papers

Everyone thought it was great and it matched up to all the non digital hand crafted cards too that she received :)

Real Life Scrapped RSO October 18th


Catch up with my latest real standouts post at Real Life Scrapped. Today's post is a mix of autumn, places and pets layouts. Great pages and lots of ideas :)

Real Standouts

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

MyScrapbookDiary October 2014

Hi :)

My latest Scrapbook Diary post for the E-scape and Scrap blog was posted this weekend! This month it is Poetic Licence! -October.Writing a poem is something that is on my Adventure Wish List for this year and finally I've had the inspiration to write two :) The lovely kits that I used to create these pages are by BH Designs and details can be found on the E-scape and Scrap blog post.

On a beautiful day
On a beautiful day by Natasha Forder © 2014
Down the lane I walked
Down the lane I walked by Natasha Forder © 2014
More MyScrapbookDiary pages

Monday, 13 October 2014

Real Life Scrapped, Designer Focus with Lynne Anzelc Designs


I'm quite excited today as I've just posted my first Designer Focus post at Real Life Scrapped. In this weeks post we meet Lynne of Lynne Anzelc Designs who creates beautiful kits :) She has a gorgeous freebie too, so don't forget to hop over to RLS, read the post and grab her kit, create something using it and post it in the RLS Gallery!

Image this, digital that... with Lynne Anzelc Designs

I also love Lynne's Flickr, loads of amazing photos :)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

GSO at DigiShopTalk

Hi, I had a lovely surprise today. My scrapbook page, The 'Usual Suspects' at The Brambles got a GSO at DigiShopTalk :) and a lovely comment from Murmur who chose it: ""Woooow!!Gorgeous page!Love your ideas :-)" Thank you :)

The 'Usual Suspects' at The Brambles
I created this page as the start of my new log book style, of logging the happenings in my garden, The Brambles.

I used a number of lovely kits by Dawn Inskip, including Roots and Autumn Collection to create the page.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

30 Day Scrap With Apps Challenge

Hello :) Julie and Roxi at E-scape and Scrap are currently running a challenge on the E-scape and Scrap blog: 30 Day Mobile Scrap With Apps.

To catch up with what I have been photographing head over to my post on The-forget-me-not blog, where I cover my photography :)

Real Life Scrapped RSO October 11th

It's Saturday again and my latest Real Standouts post is up on RLS. Lots of great layouts; today's selection: October 11th.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Halloween is almost here...

Hello :) There is this great new kit out at E-scape and Scrap by Julie Mead and Plum Fairy Designs, All Hope is not Lost. It is also free with a $10 purchase for this month. I had real fun creating the layouts below with it. Really off topic for me, a good challenge and I loved it!

I knew that I wanted to create three totally different layouts with the kit. This first layout uses the window element as a middle layer and I think it works brilliantly. On the outside are plants, birds and insects. On the window itself a mix of "potion" items, and who knows what will be cooked up in this place! Finally on the inside the cobwebs and cat. I really enjoyed layering this up.

The Black Cat
The courtyard is much less sinister, which was planned! I loved these chicken elements and I felt that they would be most at home outside. The colourful foreground elements are offset by the monochrome of the background and I was pleased with how this turned out.

The Courtyard
The first element onto this layout was the arch and then I positioned the moons. From there with the space on the right I wanted to bring the outside in. The blue hues on the left are the inside and the pinks the outside. I mirrored the elements too, not exactly but I wanted to give that opposites feel to the page.

Three Moons
The kit has that Halloween feel to it but it is incredibly versatile and I'm looking forward to creating some more layouts with it in the future.

Real Life Scrapped RSO October 4th

It's that time of the week again for my Saturday RSO post. So much great stuff in the gallery. And check out the post to see which layouts made it into this weeks post: Real Standouts.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Fall leaves fall

One of the latest kits I've been using is the beautiful Fall, leaves, fall... by Black Lady Designs. It is full of autumn colours, with lots of great leaves, flowers and grasses. I've been exploring scrapping without photos recently and I'm continuing that with this kit. Only one photo in four layouts!

On all the layouts I loved layering up the leaves, or have them fluttering down the page and there are loads of different leaves to choose from in the kit to do this with. To tie all the layouts together, on each page I used the glitter edge and altered the colour to suit.

This first layout includes a sunflower photo of mine that I applied an oil on canvass effect to. This gave it a "softer" look, which I felt fitted in better with the ornate frame.

In this layout I used the magnifying glass to magnify part of the flowers. The page is about discovery and taking a closer look at things you may not have noticed before.

I love the poetry of Emily Bronte, so I wanted to make this word art the main feature of the page. I used luminosity blend on the wheel, which I think worked well with it to add a bit of depth to the background.

Fall leaves fall
My last layout was just an excuse to use more leaves! I loved creating the cluster at the top of the page and balance this with the leaves, pine cones and pumpkins at the bottom. And I couldn't resist a few leaves fluttering down too around the word art too!


I've loved getting creative with this kit which is available at E-scape and Scrap.

Fall, leaves, fall... by Black Lady Designs

Real Life Scrapped RSO September 27th

Hello, it's Saturday again and time for my latest Real Standouts post at Real Life Scrapped. Lots of amazing layouts in the gallery, which really does make it hard to choose those extra special ones. Check out my post to see this weekends choices :) RSO Post.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Journaling Cards 1

Hello :)

Last weekend I scrapped this page that I created out of all my own elements and papers. They are taken from a mix of little projects that I worked on a while back. I wanted to try out the journaling cards that I'd created and I am really pleased with the result.

Guernsey Scrapbook - 18th June 2014

The cards are from a little kit called Blue and Cream, the idea here was to keep the elements and papers simple so that they could be used anywhere. They also recolour well. I was really pleased with how the journaling cards worked and I created a custom post mark stamp for one to create more of a postcard feel to the card.

I chose to scrapbook one day of the holiday on one page. To find out more about the coastal walk and Castle Cornet go to this post: the forget-me-not blog post.

I used two different styles of writing. On one card it is a straight journal extract. The other to keep with the postcard theme I have written as if I were going to send it. The photos are my own.

Blue and Cream by Natasha Forder

The flowers were cutout from my own photos, the green and white spotted background, the pin, staple, journal label and a ribbon are from other little projects. The broken ceramics paper is from a photo that I took at the Little Chapel, Guernsey.

Finally I added a few elements from the kit I created below: frames, ribbon and alpha.

A Walk in the Woods by Natasha Forder

All my creations are created in Craft Artist Professional 2. Photos are mainly my own, but sometimes I use Steve's (my partner).

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Doodled Framers

This week I've been busy creating some layouts using Julie Mead's new kit, Doodled Framers Set #1. I have loved using them and used them with some other arty kits also created by Julie.

I discovered that some of the doodled framers make great trellis and I've used the flowers from Julie's Bestest Mom Ever kit with them. I love the finished effect.

I used a photo of a rose from my garden to go with the rose embellishments. The yellow paper to go with the yellow rose, which is complemented by the pink roses on the trellis. The doodle frame was ideal for my photo and the Sketch Lines Alpha was perfect for adding the page title. I changed the colour of the frames to be the same as one of the darker colours in the centre of the rose.


For my next page I stacked papers and embellishments to create a background. This time I used two doodled frames, one to frame the lupin photo and the other the little bunch of flowers that I created out of some embellishments. I added a touch of humour by using the cute bird and stood it on top of the frame.


This page is all to do with journaling and I used the frame to frame my words instead of a photo. I loved how this turned out. I layered some papers to make a background and built the page up using words and embellishments to complement the writing.


My final layout, don't be too shocked here, doesn't have a photo or journaling! I find it quite hard to create pages like this. Firstly I like to have photos and if not a photo at least some writing!!! But I am really pleased with how it turned out. I am trying to experiment with some different styles and I think this is a really good start.

A Beautiful Day
The photos are my own, taken in my garden last year.

All pages use the following kits:

They can all be purchased from E-scape and Scrap.

Real Life Scrapped RSO September 20th

Hello :) It's Saturday again and time for my real standout post at Real Life Scrapped. Lots of great layouts in the gallery, and to check out today's post:

RSO September 20th

Monday, 15 September 2014

Real Life Scrapped Challenge - Happy

The Get Real Challenge #16 at Real Life Scrapped was a little bit different. Two lovely kits were provided free by Sue Cummings and the layout to be created using these kits. The challenge theme - HAPPY.

One of the things that makes me happy is my garden. I love all the birds and wildlife that it attracts and the flowers that grow throughout the year. So this was an obvious choice of topic. The floral paper and element tie my photos into the page. It was fun to play with a kits that have a different style to those that I usually use.

Happy is enjoying my garden

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Imaginarium - Algera Designs

I love the new kit Imaginarium by Algera Designs. It is so versatile and I've had a great time using it with my photos. Check out Heather's Blog for more great layouts. I just love them!

As you can see I've been blending again! I really like using Heather's kits with this technique. My photo of the cows was perfect for blending onto the postcard embellishment and I love how it turned out. For Autumn Colours I used blend mode colour burn, and for Countryside blend mode darken.

Autumn Colours
The photos are ones that I took back in October 2005 at The Vyne - National Trust. The cows are grazing in front of the wetland area, which is a great spot for bird watching. There is a hide there too. Carrying on from the hide, away from the house and more formal grounds, there are lovely walks around the woodland.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

MyScrapbookDiary September 2014

Let's Get Cooking is my latest post for MyScrapbookDiary for E-scape and Scrap. I've created a number of recipe pages based on some Italian cooking that I've been doing recently. Check out the post here: Let's Get Cooking - September.

Catch up with any MyScrapbookDiary posts that you may have missed here: E-scape and Scrap blog. Or for an overview of my layouts: MyScrapbookDiary.

And finally a taster of what to expect :)

Let's Get Cooking - September 2014

It was great fun creating these recipe pages and I love writing posts for the E-scape and Scrap blog too. I used the wonderful kit, Buon Appetito, by Valkyrie Designs to create the pages.

Real Life Scrapped RSO July - September Posts

Hi, it's been such a long time, but this weekend is the start of back to blogging. First of all a quick post with links to my latest RSO posts.

Link for today's post: RSO September 13th

RSO September 6th

RSO August 23rd

RSO August 9th

RSO August 2nd

RSO July 26th

RSO July 5th

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO May Posts

Hi, things have been quiet on forget-me-not craft but I hope to start posting more soon. In the meantime, here are the links to May's RSO posts that I've written for Real Life Scrapped. I hope you like the selections as much as I do :)

RSO May 31st

RSO May 24th

RSO May 17th

RSO May 10th

For more inspiration check out the Real Life Scrapped Gallery.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO April 26th

Lots of great layouts in my RSO post this week. Beautiful flowers, an amazing scrap of a church door and lots of great blending and overlays.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO April 19th

I can't believe how quick the weeks past and before I know it, it's time to write my next RSO post!

This weeks pages are a mix of travel, art and pets, RSO. I love Lindyshay's layout, it really grabbed my attention with its nostalgic feel and I love all the photography elements.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Hello! Hopefully I will have a little more time now for blogging now. Today I've been tidying up my three blogs and adding scrapbook layouts to the different sections on each blog. I've also created a new page called MyScrapbookDiary. This is a monthly post on the E-Scape and Scrap blog. I added my third post last weekend, with each month looking at a different theme and style of scrapbooking.

To see the layouts and links to E-Scape and Scrap click on the link below.


And here is the page that it all started with:
My Scrapbook Diary 2014 Adventure
If anyone would like to join in, upload your project to the Scrapbook Diary section of the E-Scape and Scrap gallery. I am looking forward to having some company :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO April 12th

Saturday is here again and another RSO post from me. Check out the great layouts here. And if you have time take a little while to check out the other great layouts in the Gallery.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO April 5th

Another week has gone by and this is my latest RSO post at Real Life Scrapped. Lots of great layouts :) I have also discovered an interesting link. Judy has used a vintage picture as the centrepiece of her layout which is from Reusable Art. Check it out to see lots more vintage images.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO March 29th

More great layout ideas can be seen on my RSO post for Saturday at Real Life Scrapped. Check it out here.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Real Life Scrapped RSO March 22nd

I just discovered that I had written last weeks link to RSO post but forgot to publish it!!! Anyway link to Saturday's RSO! I really love Debbie's layouts, they really caught my attention.

Real Life Scrapped RSO March 15th

Check out my RSO post for last week (I forgot to publish!). Not only are the layouts gorgeous but also the kits! Nessita's blending of a photo with a piano key paper is very effective and I love how she has finished off the page.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Featured Projects at DaisyTrail

At DaisyTrail I've had two layouts selected as Featured Project. This means it is displayed on DaisyTrail's front page for the day :)

Click on the title to go to the layout on my DaisyTrail gallery, or the layout to open in Flickr.

Chatsworth Garden
Chatsworth Garden
Always Remembered
Always Remembered

Monday, 10 March 2014

My Real Stand Out pages at Real Life Scrapped

In the past I've had a few layouts selected as a real standout at Real Life Scrapped and I thought I would share them :) It's a really great feeling to get one too :) and when people reply to the RSO posts I write, I fully understand when they say it "makes their day" :)

Select the title to open the post, or the layout to open it in Flickr.

Yosemite RSO
San Francisco
San Francisco
Paris - Montmartre
Paris - Montmartre
Statue - Compton Acres
Statue - Compton Acres
Inside Stourhead
Inside Stourhead